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This is a Mastermind Meets Think-Tank….with Cash Prizes!  💵

The One and ONLY

90-Day Business Accelerator

that turns all those “Someday” goals

into your Reality!

Accelerate Your Business Growth in 2021!

 Are You….

A business owner struggling to stand out in your industry? Do you have big goals? Are  you tirelessly working your behind off to create your dream business? Do you feel like a failure, or a fraud, or not-quite-there when you look at the businesses around you? Are you struggling to get the Right Customers?

Are you ready to Level up? Take your business to New Heights?


We meet up online twice a month

where you can win ca$h prizes for hitting your goals! 

How is That for MOTIVATION?

Then you are in the right place!

Space is Limited. 

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Is the 90-Day Business Accelerator Right for you?

  • Are you chasing “Someday Goals” and can’t seem to Find the time to make them happen?

  • Do you Feel like you’re always playing catch-up and don’t have the time to get it all done?

  • Do you Feel like you are scrambling for sales and have no strategy to grow?

  • Do you have imposter syndrome?

  • Do you Fear you don’t deserve the success you dream of?

You are in the right place!

Here is what to expect:

Session 1

With FULL ACCESS to the You-Driven Brand course we will work together to great crystal clear on your business’s Big Picture.

  • 4 Videos with worksheets
  • Break-through hot-seats
  • Create your business success map
  • Clarity using your values, visions and goals
  • Prizes!

Session 2

Ensure your customers KNOW what it is you sell and why THEY NEED it!

  • Videos and Workshees
  • Break-through hot-seats
  • Create 3 product levels
  • Get into your customer’s head
  • Prizes!

Session 3

It’s all about the customer in this session. Industsry research, find your Uniqueness, and Stand Out from your compettion, Create your customer path.

  • 4 Videos with worksheets
  • Break-through hot-seats
  • Find and utilize how you stand out
  • Create an experience your clients won’t forget
  • Prizes!

    Session 4

    If you aren’t making money, are you really in business? This session you will maximize your revenue and profits and reduce expenses.

    • 4 Videos with worksheets
    • Break-through hot-seats
    • Find your profit hot spot
    • Maximize your value to the make the money.
    • Prizes!

      Session 5

      This session is all about systems, delegation, and simplification. Time is money and creating the Best Way will give customers a valuable and predictable service and coming back for more.

      • 4 Videos with worksheets
      • Break-through hot-seats
      • Learn about my favorite tools and tips for systems and simplification
      • Prizes!

        Session 6

        We put all your hard work and masterminding together in this session.

        Your brand is what how people describe you to others, and after cretin and implementing all the resources in this program, you will have a Branding Business Portfolio for your Dream Business. 

        • 4 Videos with worksheets
        • Break-through hot-seats
        • Create your Brand Portfolio
        • We wrap up your 90-Day goals
        • Prizes!

          After you  register, you will receive an email with what to do next. 

          I will send you some “prep-work” to get you ready for a very impactful

          90-Day Business Accelerator! 

          I am here for YOU so that your Business Shines as Bright as you

          Dreamed it would!


          I am so excited!  I hope you are too!!!

          This All Sounds Great But…

          How will the 90-Day Business Accelerator Help me?

          Before we even jump in the the curriculum and masterminding, you will complete a business audit to determine your assets and help set you up for exactly what you need to flourish this year.

          With a limited number of members, you will get quality time with Coach Missy. Plus, our twice-a-month masterminds where you will collaborate with peers.  

          How much time will this program take?

          We meet twice a month for 2 hours each meet up . Also, expect to spend at least 30 minutes each week working on the course work and your goals. If you are able to spend more time, that is great! But plan to set aside about 6-12 hours each month for this program.

          You mentioned prizes, how do I win and what are the prizes?

          Each meet-up we will review the goals set the previous meet-up. The group will assess one another and we will vote on a winner. This is a peer review and not set criteria.

          Prizes might be $100 cash, books, markeing materials or whatever else I find that I think you might like!

          How long will I have access to the course that comes with the program.

          You will have access to the You-Driven Brand course for 4 months. If you chose the year-long mastermind, you will have access for as long as you are a paying mastermind member.

          Where do these "Meet-up"s happen?

          Our meet-ups will happen the 1st and 3rd Monday each month via a Zoom conference call. 

          Who is this program for?

          This course is ideal for a business owner at ANY level.

          Every busienss needs quarterly and yearly goals so they can take the right steps every week. This 90-Day accelerator (and the year long mastermind) are made to help you create more time and more revenue with ease. 

          Why should I get this program now?

          This is a 90-Day Business Accelerator, do you want to wait another 90 Days before your get your business on the fast track?

          This is also the LOWEST price this program will ever be. At only $500 it is a bargain. Get it while you can.

          What if I don't need the collaboration, I just want the course?

          You can buy the self-paced You-Driven Brand Course and do it all on your own for only $497. Learn more by clicking here.

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